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SPN Room Party 2014

Sorry for the late notice, but RL has been kicking my butt"!

We aren't planning a room party this year; HOWEVER, we will be doing a casual get together in the room with pizza beverages and good company. Please comment if you plan on joining us so we can get contact information!

Those of you who have attended the room parties before should still have our phone numbers.


Dragon Con 2013 Room Party?

Are we still doing this?

Dragon Con SPN Party 2012

Thanks to all who showed up for the annual room party this year! It was a very fun night, and come Hell & High Water, we will be hosting again next year!


So, okay! We're almost to DragonCon! So far I've only heard from goddessathena79 re: attending the SPN room party. Anyone else who is going to attend, or even thinking about joining us needs to message me their contact info & cell phone numbers ASAP so bagginsdvm & I can let you know where (hotel/room) it will be.

We NEED to know this, as we will NOT be posting that info here on LJ.



Please private message me with you mobile cell number if you are planning on attending (or thinking about)the room party so that bagginsdvm & I can tell you what room we will be in!


Need to know who's planning on showing up!

Poll #1859696 SPN DragonCon Room Party v.4.0 Head Count!

Which Idjits are showing up?

ME!!! ME!!! ME!!!
Most likely to.
Not sure yet.

Dragon*Con Room Party v. 4.0!!!

It's almost THAT time again, folks! bagginsdvm and I will be once again proving that we are indeed barking mad & hosting the (now) Annual Dragon*Con/Supernatural Room Party!

Anyone else coming, or will it be a lonely room party of 2?


Informal Poll-Type Question

We never got around to doing SPN Trivia at the party, so I got to wondering if for the next one is there any interest in doing that?

Or would anyone be interested in playing the SPN (official) RPG if I get brave/foolish enough to run a game?

We Love You Guys!

Had a rockin' good time tonight with goddessathena79, doylescordy, kimberlyfdr, & slythrntimelord!

So sorry we missed you, sakura_tsuji, but glad you were instructing the Noobs in the proper ways of Fandom.

Maybe see cutest_sandgirl & tahirire around later.

- quasievil_bunny & bagginsdvm